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tw Σ if everybody cared


Friends only. Comment to be added :] I'm pretty open to new friends, but please list a few interests if you would like to be added. I'll redirect you to creatiiv if you're here for icons or fanfiction :]


=o! Hey XD Long time no talk. Whatcha been up to? Meh, you dun have to answer that. One of these days we WILL catch each other on MSN. And I can ignore your "omg!sirius is sexy" rants. Cause I shall. Mmyeash. I'm so pumped for this movie though o.o


and i miss you too. i shall have to set up an entry for us to banter in, haha. adding you now, love!
Btw, I love these Gaspard icons. Is it a coincidence that his name has gasp in it? I think not XDXD I miss our banter ;-; But no. Not omg!sirius. OMG!CEDRIC, but he's dead :\ All the hotness is depleted this year. How depressing ;-;
i miss yooooooooooooooooooou

;-; everytime I get on I look for you but you ain't there </3 *clings*
meh, time differences -kicks- maybe if i get my uni work finished for the week i may catch you at the weekend? -clingggggs-

Maybe ;-; I have a full weekend </3 But we'll try *clings back* OMG!!!! I SNORTED MILK OUT OF MY NOSE WHEN I HEARD THAT! GREATEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE ._____o
sorry this is so late. i've been taken over by university and facebook monsters!

LOL. OUT YOUR NOSE? you hilarious dork :P
facebook! friend me!
how am i supposed to friend you if i don't have your profile! silly billy :P
hey, natalie! it's Hannah, emoatheartt on AIM and Daphne Greengrass on DA! :] i'm adding you in part because of those beautiful icons i see on your page, and because you're pretty awesome. so! add me back?

(ps - i got to your LJ through your graphics thread on DA, just by the way.)
HANNAHDAPHNEMARLENE! :} 'cause I'll add you back, deary :)
Hey. We have quite a bit in common (Twilight, Harry Potter, Remus/Tonks, Remus/Sirius. Look at my interests and you'll see more) Add me?
Ooo, we do seem to share a lot of interests! I love the Tonks, Remus and Sirius love on your profile :D -adds-
hey it is Lisi aka Morgan le Fay from TT. Maybe you could add me? Thanks!
I think you're already on my friends list, deary. will go and check though =]
thank you. ;)
Hey, so you know what's funny? Well, it's not that funny XD But still -.-

So I totally didn't know that you had updated. All I saw was a reply to this post so I missed all the pretties below ;-;


i don't know if i actually have you friended O.O -RUNSBEFOREYOUKILLME-
hey saw you over at the kate nash community. we seem to have quite a lot of things in common. add me back?
of course =] sorry it's taken me so long to respond!
thanks :)
*smoulders in your general direction*

adding :]

Add me because I'm your loving doting Rosalie? :D
And look at my icon!
You know you want to.
Also, apparently we both love Harry Potter too...who knew?

How could I resist my daily dose of bitch-osterone from Rosalie? -adddddds-
as soon as i saw 'a very long engagement' (and kate nash) in your user info i was sold :D adding you, dearie! ♥

I love your icons and would like access to creatiiv! :) Thanks.

- 'laborationlove
Aww, of course! It doesn't accept members but you are free to watch the community (Click!)
i'd love to be added to your community.
your icons are great. :)
hey :] there's not a membership to the community, but you're free to use the watch feature! it's the same thing, really, but it just saves the hassle of me setting up who can post and who can't. click to watch!

This is just a message regarding saythewordsthen and the current ficathon. I noticed you haven't posted your fic yet although the deadline was on Tuesday so I was wondering when you thought you'd be able to finish it? There is one other person who needed an extension and has until Monday so do you think you could have your fic up by then too?
If you could just let me know either way, that'd be great, thank you. :)
oh bugger. i knew there was something i had forgotten to write -__- at the moment i'm pretty busy with other committments. is there any way someone else can fill the request? if not, then i may be able to pull something together but i don't think i'll reach a monday deadline. i'm really sorry for causing such an inconvenience!
That's alright; I managed to find someone else to fill the request so luckily that's sorted. :)
ahh, i found youuuu!

-eh hem-

haiii! xD it's emma, aka manly meanie #2 (i was #2 wasn't i?! its been toooo long!)
i've switched accounts and i'd love to have you added on this one ^^
oh, and it appears you posted this entry on my 29th birthday ;)
hahah! that's so cool :D adding you!
It's Rose, Natalie! We need to catch up! I haven't talked to you in AGES. Add? Please? -paws at the door- xd