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tw Σ if everybody cared

'Blue Epistles'

'Blue Epistles' is a collaboration community, written by poptartmuse and butteroffly. It will primarily be a series of letters and notes between certain characters in the fandom, though there will be stories for further character development. Further information can be found at the community blueepistles. The following piece of writing is a way to sum up the madness -

the logic of blue epistles
sirius is off sleeping with girls and dreaming of remus
and peter is staring intently at pince's bum, trying to work out stick logic.
lily is on prefect patrol, secretly hoping to bump into sirius
where as dorcas is hiding from the creepy mofo's known as house-elves.
andromeda is ignoring ted tonks and the hormones,
and dumbledore is off platting the goats hair and hoping for a sexy wizard to stop by.
luna is content with talking to the flowers and the voices in her head
while tonks wonders what her future son teddy will look like

it doesn't have to make sense; it's written on blue paper. respect!

blueepistles blueepistles blueepistles