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tw Σ if everybody cared


.... seriously? MARIAN'S DEAD? :[[[[[

still crying :[ the wedding .. everything about it was so beautiful, but i still can't believe she won't be in the next season. maybe she'll come back like she did the first time :[[[[

djak and will staying in the holy land too.  i did love the fact they got together, though. that whole secret scene was played really well, even if i did get uncomfortable with all the 'i want to dieeee!' yells. it was so sad :[

i also pictured the king looking older? a bit graying; definitely not ginger (not that there is anything wrong with that).

i still love you richard armitage <3 EVEN IF GUY IS INDESCRIBABLE AT THE MOMENT. KLJASLKJSA.


Oh for crying out loud! How on earth could they do this? There's only four outlaws left. FOUR. And I sort of wanted Robin to be all angsty and KILL THE SHERRIFF! like he was in 1x13. How beautiful did Marian look when she was standing up to Gis-bloody-borne?

I don't even know. I feel so cheated. ;_________;

i still don't understand how they can have robin hood without marian. marian is just as important in the legend as he is! i'm hoping that because we didn't actually see her buried that there's some hope. apparently lucy said in FHM magazine that she is signed for a season 3, but that may be for flash-backs/dream sequences.

someone did made a good point about djak and will staying behind; they could be marian's link back to england.

yes. clutching at straws :[

Neither! Marian is Robin Hood. Gosh, that makes me feel so much better. When I rewatched it, thats also what I kept thinking. He kisses her and then its the target thingy. I really, really like that theory of yours!

*wishful thinking*
...CRY*** Yeah realy now is she gone and also Will & Djaq .... ARE THEY INSANE..?

Hope that will comes back..but i dont think he be ..
he is making another serie..:(
A new series? Nooo! Where did you read that?


I mean RObin Hood will begin but .. the player harry lloyd aka WILL Scarlet dont play i think because i saw it in nndb..
:( but the serie wil return but without marian and wil & Djaq i think:(