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essense of butterfly

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:( lj interest limits, :( tea, :) biscuits, a fine frenzy, a very long engagement, alice/jasper, amateur photography, andromeda black, anti-snape, art, atonement, becoming jane, bella swan, bright colours, brokeback mountain, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/angel, converse, creativity, dawn french, deathly hallows :(, decorating, doodling, dorcas/amos!, dumbles/mcnuggets, eclipse, eclipse pwned deathly hallows, edward cullen, edward norton, edward/bella, edward/jacob :x, english and history, fanfiction, films, friends, harry/noone, hermione/sirius, heroes with powers, hugh jackman, icons, jacob and edward fangirl, jacob/bella, james/lily, jodi picoult, jonas armstrong, kate nash, luna lovegood, magic, marian/guy, marian/robin, molly/arthur, much!, my sister's keeper, naked sirius preferable, naomi watts, narcissa/lucius, new moon, nymphadora tonks, oil pastels, order of the phoenix, painting, peter kay, phoenix nights, photoshop, pirates of caribbean, prison break, rachel mcadams, rachel weisz, reese witherspoon, regulus black, remus lupin, remus/sirius, remus/tonks, richard armitage, robin hood, roleplaying, ron weasley, ron/hermione, rupert grint, scrapbooking, shopping, sirius black, sky high, steven strait, stone sour, stop the jacob hate!, swoon worthy men, ted tonks, ted/andromeda, that harry potter kid, the killers, the learning curve, the pact, the painted veil, too many otp's, twilight!, ugly betty, undirected, university student, vampires, vanishing acts, vicar of dibley, viktor/hermione, walk the line, warren peace, warren/layla, werewolves, writing, wrong era, x-men, ♥ gaspard ulliel, ♥ james mcavoy, ♥ jane austen, ♥ p.siloveyou, ♥ the souvenir.